$9 Drop in 
5 for $35
10 for $60
20 for $90

Offer ends 2/29/16

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1.  Do I need to make an appointment?

NO.  Regular Group Classes do not require that you pre-register.  If pre-registration is required it will be posted.  Typically only workshops and special events require pre-registration.  NEW STUDENTS will need to pre-register to claim their FREE group class by noon of the day they will be attending.

2.  What should I wear?

Dress comfortably.  Wear something you feel comfortable to move around a lot in. For shoes, you should wear shoes that wont slip off.  Preferably something that supports the ankle.  No Flip Flops etc.  If you have shoes that have leather soles then they will work best.  If you're unsure, you can always bring a couple of extra shoes.  Best rule is, if you can't walk or stand in it comfortably for at least an hour then you probably can't dance in it either.

3.  If I purchase a group class package. will I have to attend all the classes consecutively?

No.  All group classes are drop in which means you can come when you have time.  You have one year from your first class to complete your entire package.

4.  Are Group Class Passes for one or two people?

A group class pass can be shared.  However each person would use one of the class passes.  So if you purchase the 10 group class pass 2 people would get 5 each.

5.  I have a groupon.  What do I need to do?

There are various different Groupons offers available and each is different.  Click here to learn more





Your first class is FREE with PRE registration.  Offer good to NEW students ONLY.  New students are those that have never taken a class with Espie Hernandez.  Only one person per submission.  Only one FREE class per e-mail.  No appointment necessary.  Once form is submitted you will receive a Virtual Pass.  Students that do NOT pre-register will pay Drop in rate at the door.

Group classes are fun for everyone.  Looking to meet new people?  Want to learn to lead or follow with various partners?  Then group classes will be great for you.  

Most students supplement their private lessons with group classes as their schedule and dance level allow.  Group classes provide a chance to develop lead and follow technique, as we rotate partners throughout the lesson.  These classes will cover more steps a lot quicker and they move at the speed at the class.  If you were to compare dancing with learning a new language, group classes are teaching you phrases to get by but not necessarily focus on teaching you the language.  

Great social atmosphere for everyone!!!


Prices Increase in March '16

$12 Drop In

5 for $50

10 for $80

20 for $160

Starting March 1st:

$15 Drop in 

5 for $60

10 for $90

​20 for $180

NO Partner Necessary

NO Experience

NO Appointment Necessary

Why Group Classes?



7:00pm Beginning Salsa

Come learn and develop a solid foundation in salsa.  Learn your foundation steps, rhythms, basic turn patterns, Cross Body Leads and much more. 

8:00pm Intermediate Salsa 

Already have a solid foundation?  Have you already learned all the rules?  Then Let's practice them.  We incorporate footwork and various partnering combinations in this class. 

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