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Group Classes

Group classes are fun for everyone.  Looking to meet new people?  Want to learn to lead or follow with various partners?  Then group classes will be great for you.  

Most students supplement their private lessons with group classes as their schedule and dance level allow.  Group classes provide a chance to develop lead and follow technique, as we rotate partners throughout the lesson.  These classes will cover more steps a lot quicker and they move at the speed at the class.  If you were to compare dancing with learning a new language, group classes are teaching you phrases to get by but not necessarily focus on teaching you the language.  

Great social atmosphere for everyone


7:00pm Beginning Salsa

Come learn and develop a solid foundation in salsa.  Learn your foundation steps, rhythms, basic turn patterns, Cross Body Leads and much more. 

8:00pm Beg / Int Salsa

The begging class too easy but not quite ready for intermediate?  Then this class is just for you.  Star off with a footwork sequence followed by a partnering combination!

Cost per person
$12 Drop in
5 Classes for $50
10 Classes for $90
20 Classes for $160

No partner necessary
Drop in's welcomed

Offer is only valid for NEW students and for SCHEDULED group classes.  Not valid for workshops, master classes, club classes, dance teams or private lessons.   Please submit new requests PER person.  Only one name per e-mail will be accepted.  By registering for a complimentary group class you agree to join our e-mail list.  We do not sell or distribute your e-mail under ANY circumstances.  

Introductory NEW STUDENT Special

1 Group class 1 Private Lesson 1 Social $35

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